After my Brazilian Butt lift Can You Know if You Have Fat Necrosis Straight Away?

I had my Butt-lift surgery 5 days ago and woke to find that I had a hard palm sized lump at the top of both my buttocks. As a result of this they make my cheeks look a little flat - even though I would like to state that I am already VERY happy with my results. I know that the healing process is very lengthy and that swelling is a big part of the recovery, but still I wanted to know if fat necrosis is something that happens straight after surgery or if it develops over time?

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Fat necrosis after Brazilian Butt Lift

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While I agree that being on the lookout for fat necrosis is a good thing after Brazilian butt lift, I would not get concerned about a hard area that you feel just 5 days post op.  While it could be an area at risk, it is much more likely to be normal swelling.  Good luck.

Fat injection

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5 days is early to diagnose fat necrosix. Although it is possible, other factors have to be considered such as spasm, hematoma, seroma, as long as there is no sign of infection you should be fine nut contact your surgeon to be seen soon.

Shahriar Mabourakh, MD, FACS
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Fat Necrosis at 5 Days Following Brazilian Buttlift

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  I guess fat necrosis at 5 days is possible, but I would definitely have your surgeon evaluate it.  From my perspective, I hardly ever see fat necrosis after the procedure.  At 5 days you are very swollen and your muscles may still be in spasm.  The hard things that are present bilaterally in symmetric fashion may be the top portions of your muscles in spasm.  See your plastic surgeon.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Fat Necrosis.

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Fat necrosis may develop even a couple of days after your surgery, its very important that you contact your Plastic Surgeon if you feel anything unusual, He/She will help you with your inquiries and check you if necessary, for you to avoid any type of minimal complication during your healing process.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
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Fat Necrosis After Buttocks Enhancement

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In may experience this is a bit early for fat necrosis.  This may represent swelling.  Time will tell if this area eventually becomes an area of unhealthy fat.  Continue to follow up with you PS.

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