How Soon After my First Brazilian Butt Augmentation Surgery, Can a 2nd Butt Augmentation Surgery Can Safely Be Performed?

I had a liposuction with fat transfer to my butt about a month ago with amazing results. I'm now considering having a second surgery to increase and add more volume to my butt. How long should I wait before a 2nd surgery can be performed?

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Want additional buttock augmentation

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I would wait at least 3 months before performing additional buttock augmentation.  You want to make sure the swelling has completely gone away prior to performing additional surgery.

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Having a second brazilian buttock lift (fat transfer)

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I would suggest waiting at least six months after your initial brazilian buttock lift  before attempting to have a second procedure. It will take at least six months to determine how much fat has survived the first surgery. Also, you want to allow the skin and soft tissue to heal from the first surgery. The possibility of contour irregularities increases when you have liposuction in the same area twice, so proceed with caution. Discuss this in detail with your plastic surgeon before having a second surgery.


Brazilian butt lift and repeat surgery

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Be careful about repeating and liposuction and fat injection for 2nd time. It can be done but the procedure becomes more difficult due to scarring from the 1st surgery. When you go back to liposuction a previously liposuction area it may be like liposuction rock. It is more difficult to remove fat and you're more likely to get dimples and  divots in the skin because of the scar tissue present.

It can be done but the surgery will take longer and are more risk for complications. I would recommend waiting longer than 3 months to allow the scar tissue to soften as much as possible I would say at least 6 months or more. I just did a redo liposuction a few days ago and it was very difficult. That patients surgery was 2 years ago.

BBL re-do

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It depends on if you were planning a second stage or not.  If not, I'd wait 4-6 months, if so, as early as 3 months would be fine.


One Month After the Brazilian Butt Lift is Too Early to Tell if you want or need to do it again......

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I always recommend that patients wait at least 3 months.  At 1 month, you have no idea what your final size will be.  Swelling isn't usually gone for about 2-3 months. Most patients buttocks keeps shrinking for about 2 months and their waist continues to shrink for about 3 months.  That is why most of my patient photos are taken at least 2 months after surgery and usually 3 or more months afterwards.  Hopefully you will love your results at 3 months and not even need to have it repeated.  But my experience tells me that you're not finished shrinking yet.  I have only had about 7 patients out of hundreds of BBL patients feel the need to have it done a second time.  Usually your proportions get better and better from the 2nd to 3rd month as your waistline continues to shrink.

How soon after the BBL can a second procedure be performed?

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In our practice we wait at least 3 months before performing a send BBL. By this point most of the inflammation resulting from the first prodedure has subsided and a second procedure can, therefore, safely be performed.

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