After 8 Months, Should my Outerlid Corners Be Webbed, Pulling and Puffy?

I had a face lift with an upper and lower eyelift eight months ago. The outside under corners of both eye are still puffy. Worse, they are webbed. The webbing on my left eye is extremely noticeable and the eye is pulling, making fine vertical lines that are becoming permanent. My doctor says wait three more months, but it is very embarrassing and worse each month. Is this really likely to get better by nine months? Am I being put off? Should I see another doctor?

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Webbing of Outer Lid Corners

   Pictures would be helpful to see the webbing you are describing.  Unless something unusual has taken place, this can be fixed.

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Puffiness 8 Months After Blepharoplasty

It's important to remember that all people heal differently even if they undergo similar procedures. Time is always on your side, and it is possible that you're still in the healing process. If you are worried, I would advise that you seek a second opinion to better understand if there is an actual problem going on.

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Webbing 8 Months after Blepharoplasty

Webbing is not normal 8 months after upper and lower eyelid  blepharoplasty surgery. Consult with your surgeon or get a second opinion from another surgeon experienced in eyelid surgery.

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Eyelid webbing after blepharoplasty

Healing can occur up to a year but it won't be a bad idea to see an oculoplastic surgeon for evaluation now.  What you are describing is not normal after blepharoplasty and may not improve much further.

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Puffy Outerlids After Facelift #facelift

Although scars do remodel for 12 months I do not feel from what you describe that another month or so will make that big of a difference. It is so hard to say without at least seeing a picture. If I were you I would seek out another opinion form a well experienced board certified Plastic Surgeon. It is so important to trust the person you have taking care of you. If you are losing faith in your current surgeon I would voice that first to them, and if you still feel they are not giving you what you want then quietly seek another opinion.

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Webbing eyes after blephAroplasty.

You should not be having webbing and another month will probably not help.  Get a second opinion from an experienced surgeon. 

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May improve with more time but I would see your plastic surgeon again with your concerns

The webbing can be due to tightness of the skin around the upper and lower eyelid incisions at the corner of the eye.  Often, the webbing goes away as the skin relaxes and stretches.  In some instances, a second surgery needs to be to introduce more skin in the area using a local tissue rearrangement technique called a Z-plasty.  Consult your doctor or seek a second opinion.  I hope this helps!

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After 8 months, if you question your progress, get a second opinion. Your surgeon should not be threatened.

It is very possible that your problem will resolve with time (most do).  But 8 months is a long time and another opinion makes sense.  I would share this opinion with your surgeon and he should consider it if it disagress with what he is telling you.

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Dear tuck61,

  • I think you need to listen to your gut and seek out a second opinion
  • You may want to see an oculoplastic surgeon who deals with patients who have had previous eyelid surgery

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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