Revision for Asymmetrical Medpor Chin Implant?

Two months ago, I got a Medpor chin implant. One side has been perfectly done. The other one used to be very swollen. Now it looks normal, I can still see the border of my implant, and feel it with my fingers. It’s not shocking when you see me, but any front picture of me shows it’s asymmetrical. Should I modify it? If so, how long does the intervention take? Will my chin be swollen (then more asymmetrical than ever)? Can I be sure the result will be perfect after this? Thank you.

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 I have used Chin Implants for Chin Augmentation for almost 25 years and I only use Chin Implants made of silastic because they can always be removed.  Medpore Implants (Chin or Cheek) become integrated into the bone is as little as 1 month, according to the company rep I spoke with some years back when a patienmt wanted me to remove a medpore Cheek Implant he had placed elsewhere by another plastic and cosmetic surgeon.

You may try calling the medpore company,  speak with the medical rep and ask if the Chin Implant is already integrated into your bone.  If so, the implant would most likely need to be ground down for any localised modification.

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Asymmetrical Medpor Chin Implant

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Wait another 2-3 months to see if the asymmetry improves. If you are not satisfied the implant can be repositioned, but nobody should expect a "perfect result".

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