After a Moderate Hit on the Nose Will There Be Permanent Damage to a Straight Nose?

12 days ago my friend accidently hit me with a plastic sled on top of the nose with the attempt to cover my head. It wasn't too much of a hard hit but it felt pretty intense because I was scared of the aftermath. My nose didn't bleed or turn purple it left behind a "dorsal hump" at the top start of my nose. I'm really worried and wondering if this will be permanent. What are the chances of it disappearing? Should I be icing it? I didn't ice it the day of. Is it swollen? or permanent?

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Nasal trauma

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Hard to say what the long term effect will be without examing you.   Sometimes the bump is due to some swelling that may get better with time.

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Damage after Nasal Trauma

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At 12 days, it is impossible to determine if there will be any permanent change in nasal shape or function. If you have the time and money I suggest you get a consultation with a rhinoplasty surgteon.

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After a moderate hit on the nose will there be permanent damage to a straight nose

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Maybe but an inperson examination is needed with an intra nasal evaluation. I think you do not have any deformity. Best of luck from MIAMI Dr. B

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