After a Mild Peel if I Am Exposed to Direct Sunlight for a Minute Without Spf will I have Damage?

Just 1day after getting a mild chemical peel done i was exposed to direct sunlight without a sun protection factor for about a minute and i found my skin tanned a tone darker than i was,the scars became more prominent.The peel had amazing results on my skin and probably less than a minute exposure to sunlight washed away the effect and my skin is back to the way it looked earlier.Plz tell me to what extent can such an exposure tan my skin?is it permanent as they say?how do i get brightness back?

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Direct sun exposure after chemical peel

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It's unlikely that just one minute of sunlight after a chemical peel did significant damage. The side effects you are experiencing arre likely from the peel itself. That being said, avoid the sun and wear sunscreen after a peel. I would discuss the hyperpigmentation with your treating doctor. It sounds, however, like it will likely resolve.

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