How Soon After Massaging Restylane is It Ok to Have It Injected Again?

I had Restylane injected a week ago into my cheeks, but one of them got bumpy and uneven (like a ball with quite defined borders). Unfortunately I had listened to some non-professional advice and given the area massage to spread out the filler (4 days after injection). Now it feels like most of product in that cheek has been dissolved, the lifting effect is poor and tissue feels soft when touching. Would it be safe to have Restylane re-injected into this cheek again and when?

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Restylane injections

Wait 2 weeks until all swelling has resolved and you can see your final result.  If you feel you require more Restylane, return to your injector.

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See your injector

I suggest you see your injector for a follow up, and please don't massage the area again. Massage should only be done by your injector.

How soon after massaging Restylane is it ok to have it injected again?

It is best to avoid massaging the filler on your own following treatment. I would give it a little time before coming to conclusions about the final result. It can take around two weeks for the initial swelling to go away. At that point, you can speak with your provider about performing a touch up or dissolving any excess filler that is present. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck.

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When to massage restylane and when to reinject

I do not advise my patients to massage restylane or juvederm or radiesse or any other filler. I do the moulding of the filler immediately after the injection and that is it. Re-injection should not take place for a minimum of 2 weeks to allow bruising and swelling to subside and to be able to make a proper judgement on the need for further filler. ~ Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Toronto Dermatology Centre.

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How Soon After Massaging Restylane is It Ok to Have It Injected Again?

    Massage after filler injection is not something I recommend due to product displacement as you have described.  Please wait 2 weeks before another injection, particularly if there has been an element of bruising.  The second injection needs to be administered precisely, and the effort should not be hampered by intervening swelling.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Second Session of Restylane Injection May Be Performed After Swelling and Side Effects from a Preceding Session Have Resolved

A Second Session of Restylane Injection May Be Performed After Swelling and Side Effects from a Preceding Session Have Resolved. Swelling from the initial injection may last from just a few days up to a week sometimes. I would not massage areas of Restylane injection to soften or remove the filler. If there are any doubts of lumpiness or irregular results, hyaluronidase injection may be a more appropriate choice to remove excess Restylane and smoothen the contour of the area injected. 

More Injections After Restylane

Massaging Restylane should not cause it to dissolve. It may disperse it however. I advise you to wait a total of 6 weeks for all swelling to resolve and then go back to your doctor if the problem persists. Four days is too soon for more injections.


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Restylane and re-treatment

It's ok to re-treat with a dermal filler anytime, but in your case you may want to wait until the product has had some time for swelling to diminish to determine what you need to have a better outcome.

Sam Naficy, MD, FACS
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Timing of Restylane inection and retreatment

It would be safest to wait a full 2 weeks in order for the inflammatory response and all bruising and swelling to dissipate so that there is no likelihoof of inecting too little and finding out later that less was inected in the second setting because the area was still swollen.

Adding more Restylane

YOu can have more Restylane injected at any time but I would wait at least a week to make sure that you don't have any swelling that you are not aware of. If you had bruising or obvious swelling I would wait two weeks. 

Jo Herzog, MD
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