How Soon After I Loose the 50lbs I Wanna Loose, Can I Have Tumescent Lipo?

I'm trying to loose 50 to 100lbs in the next 3 months, how soon after that can I have tumescent liposuction, or regular lipo also?

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No crash diet before lipo

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Crash diets can rid your body of good nutrients and you may not be as healthy to heal after liposuction.  it is very hard to maintain your weight after a crash diet and after liposuction you may easily gain it all back unless you modify your lifestyle and reset your goals seriously. You may need nutritional counseling to help keep the weight off, and a trainer to help you keep up exercise.

Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Loosing very fast is not very healthy. Watch out and do not jeoperdize your health. You want to loose about 16 lb per month. Set realistic goals for yourself, so that you do not get diappointed.

Once you reach your ideal weight and is stable , you can then have liposuction. All liposuction techniques use the Tumescent technique.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Tumescent Lipo

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After losing that much fat, you may not need the lipo, or it may not be a good option for you.  You may need a skin oriented procedure like a tummy tuck.

Vivek Bansal, MD
Danville Plastic Surgeon
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Liposuction Candidate?

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Thank you for the question. Congratulations on your weight loss.

Although you may be a candidate for liposuction surgery  you really will not be able to know for sure until you have reached a long-term stable weight. At that time careful evaluation is necessary to see if liposuction surgery  or a “lipectomy” (skin excision)  procedure is necessary to achieve your goals.  Many patients who have lost 50 to 100 pounds also lose some skin elasticity and do not do well with liposuction surgery alone. 

When the time is right make sure your consulting with well experienced board-certified plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.


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Patients who are near their target weight are certainly better candidates for liposuction. It is very important you are seeing a surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This means that the surgeon is also trained in body contouring surgery such as a tummytuck, body lift, etc. You need to be evaluated to see if extra skin may be an issue. Doctors who are not trained will only offer lipo which can in some cases be a mistake. Be smart about your weight loss and do it safely.

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