After a Liposuction, a Month Later, when I Stretch, I Feel Like Burnning on Those Areas? (photo)

I do not if that make any sense, I am very concern at this point and I do not know where to go to see if it is something wrong with me, the Doctor that did the procedure, keep saying that i will be fine and to give it time, unfortunately, I do not feel like that. Please help me, any suggestion of what to do? Thank you Sincerely Ps. Surgery was uper and lower tummy and love hundles

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Burning After Liposuction

Lipo is an invasive procedure and many little nerve endings can get disrupted and inflammed after the procedure. This is normal, and can result in varying types of sensation in the area including burning, numbness, itching, etc.  It typically takes 6 months to note improvement in nerve sensation alterations.  Good luck!

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Things will be better, it takes time. It takes 6-9 months for all nerve to regenerate. You should message the areas and that will help with everything. Give it time.


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After a Liposuction, a Month Later, when I Stretch, I Feel Like Burnning on Those Areas?

Thanks for the question and posting photos. Which type of lipo did you have?? I recommend to MY patients lymphatic massages and external ultrasound therapy. 

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Burning after Liposuction

if Liposuction is performed at a very deep level (right next to or on top of a muscle) then some minor injury to the muscle can result in that burning sensation that youre describing. it will get better over time. its best to closely follow up with your doctor and make sure u follow all their instructions.  

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Liposuction and Burning after One Month

   Liposuction and burning at one month is fairly common.  As scar softens and nerve endings recover, you will start to feel better.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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The body builds more collagen around the 4-6 week mark


Thank for the question and photos.  What you are describing is not uncommon at this time after liposuction.  I am wondering also if you have had laser lipo as the heat associated with the laser can potentially add to the this part of the healing process.  I do not see any signs if infection from your photos.  Massage, endermology, and perhaps neurontin, may help during this process.

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