After Liposuction, Are the Treated Areas More Responsive to Weight Loss Efforts: I.e., Exercise, Dieting?

Greetings. I'm a 31 yo male, 6', 188 lbs, my ideal weight is 180. I had vaser to the flanks and lower back, three weeks ago. These are stubborn areas, no matter how much weight I lose. Although I see an improvement, post-surgery, I still see excess tissue around my waist. My question is, if I retain less fat around the waist (though not my ideal of very little fat), would it tend to be easier to shed with exercise than in the past, in your experience as a doctor or patient. Thanks.

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Weight loss after liposuction of the waist

The only way to lose weight is to consume fewer calories than you burn. 

Liposuction can adjust stubborn contours, and may require more than one treatment. (Over-aggressive liposuction leads to complications such as dimples and divots).

Treated areas are no more or less likely to gain or lose after liposuction, but there may be subtle differences in contour because of internal scarring.

If hyou still have fullness after diet, exercise, and lipo, a revision lipo procedure may be indicated.

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Lipousction is areas that don't seem to respond to diet and excercise usually even after lipo will not respond too well to diet and exercise. You  may notice other areas shrinking down with wieght loss.

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Lipo for stubborn fat makes maintaining shape easier

Regardless of technique (VASER, laser, tumescent) liposuction targeted at localized areas of fat should make it easier to control body shape with exercise and diet. That is because lipo removes fat cells from those areas while there is no way to "spot reduce" with exercise.

Richard Baxter, MD
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