Correcting Bumpy Skin After Liposuction

After a liposuction in my abdomen I have bumpy, uneven, misshapen skin. Is there any procedure that could help me even it out or smooth it? Thanks.

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Skin after lipo

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You didn't say how long ago you had surgery.  You also didn't mention how much fat was suctioned and which technique was used.  Regardless, you might consider endermologie.  It often helps, is non-invasive, and certainly will do no harm.

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Sometimes liposuction is not enough for the abdomen

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I perform lot of body contouring procedures and without knowing your history or seeing pictures, it is difficult to say for sure. Have you had children or weight loss greater than 20 lbs?

Most patients after having children have some degree of looseness to the skin, separation or splaying/stretching apart of the rectus abdominus muscles (rectus diastasis) as well as some added fullness in the fatty tissues. The best solution to this problem is usually a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) with liposuction of the flanks or hips.

If an abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is indicated and only liposuction is performed then oftentimes thinning the tissues "unmasks" the looseness of the skin and it can actually look worse as fars as wrinkling of the skin, etc.

If you don't have "loose skin" in the abdomen, It is also possible in any liposuction case that small irregularities and contour depressions/deformities can be created. This is also something I address with finesse lipoplasty and fat injections as a "revision liposuction" procedure that I do quite commonly.

It also depends on the type of liposuction you had...ultrasonic, laser, traditional, etc. I don't recommend SmartLipo (laser liposuction) because the laser in my opinion caused more scar tissue (cicatrical formation) under the skin and many more uneven areas. I do a number of revisions for patients that have had SmartLipo and I do not recommend it. Despite advertising claims, I do not think it will tighten skin.

When someone anatomically needs a tummy tuck, there is no short cut by trying liposuction alone. I have several patients that "chicken out" of a tummy tuck and opt for liposuction instead...and they have all come back at 6 months to have an abdominoplasty to give the appearance to the abdomen that they were seeking.

Liposuction only addresses one of those concerns- it can thin the fatty tissue of the abdomen, but it does NOT deal with loose skin or rectus diastasis.

I hope this helps!

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