After Lipo Will I Be Able to Continue to Lose Fat from the Treated Areas, the Stomach and Back?

I have had laser lipo from my stomach and back and I am still about 5-10pounds out from my goal. Through diet and exercise can I continue to lose fat from the areas I have had lipo or are the areas 'damaged'. There is still fat in these areas and I want to lose more the natural way

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After Lipo Will I Be Able to Continue to Lose Fat from the Treated Areas, the Stomach and Back?

Of course you can try, and why not try? If you can exercise and diet enough to effect a 10 pound weight loss than these areas will appear better. Good Luck 

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Weight Loss after Liposuction

It is perfectly fine to continue to lose weight from the areas that you have had liposuction in.  You are right, not all of the fat cells are gone with liposuction.  But, there are less fat cells in the areas of liposuction when compared to other areas that you did not have suctioned.  If a person gains weight, the remaining fat cells get larger.  If a person loses weight, the remaining fat cells will get smaller.  Therefore, losing 5-10 pounds will maximize your results, contours and curves.  

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Weight Loss After Liposuction?

Thank you for the question.

Congratulations on your successful procedure.  You should be applauded for  your efforts and continued weight loss.


Fat cells that are gone (for example removed with liposuction surgery) are gone forever.  However, if a patient gains or loses weight the fat cells that remain in the area treated with liposuction and in areas that were not treated will grow or shrink as the case may be. 

I hope this helps.

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