After Laser Hair Removal a Gland Become Large and Sensitive, Should I Be Concerned?

I have had four laser hair removal sessions to date and after the last two treatments, two glands in my right underarm enlarged and became sensitive for several days. I went to a highly recommended clinic so there are no issues there however I am concerned I am damaging the glands and should cancel my remaining appointments. I understand the importance of glands and do not want to jeopardise my health in the future.

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Issue after laser hair removal to underarms

It sounds like you have a form of folliculitis in your underarm, actually. I think it's a hair follicle that the hair has turned back inwards to basically create a form of cyst. It can be injected with cortisone by a dermatologist. I'd be reluctant to say it's from the laser hair removal itself, but it could be, I suppose. It's not a gland, though, it's basically an infected hair follicle.

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