After Juvaderm Under the Eyes, I Have Hyper Pigmentation. I'm Asian, What Can I Do?

After juvaderm under the eyes, i have hyper pigmentation marks left. They are worse than the dark circles:( I'm asian, what can I do besides Obaji? I'm scared with pigment issues with lasers. Should I stronger hyrdquinone? Im at 4% now? These marks are horrid and make the filler look strange. Please help!

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Juvederm and hyperpigmentation

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I am not sure if it is hyper pigmentation, or dark circles were accentuated after Juvederm. This is common as the refraction of the skin changes after Juvederm injections. If its dark circles HQ cream will not work. If indeed, it is hyper pigmentation, it can be treated with a higher concentration of HQ. Obagi only does the 4%, but a prescription with a higher concentration can be special ordered through a compounding pharmacy.

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