After Initial Septoplasty and Aggressive Widening of my Nasal Passages. Is It Possible to Narrow the Passage Back to Normal?

The septoplasty was suppose to be a very small widening of the nasal passage. However, the surgeon widened the passage very aggressively. Now, although i am able to get more air through the passage, the inside of my nose vibrates at times while breathing because loss of support. Is it possible to narrow my nasal passages back to normal? He also sanded a little bump a bit too much. Overall, the result just does not look natural and go with the contour of my face and nose bones. Thanks in advance.

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Revision Nose Surgery Following Prior Septorhinoplasty

It sounds like you might be experiencing either some weakness of the nasal wall following manipulation of the cartilage and/or some vibration of the septal mucosa following removal of the underlying cartilage. I would recommend your next step be a consultation with an experienced rhinoplasty surgeon to determine the root cause of these issues. Only then will you be able to formulate an accurate plan to correct them. It also sounds like you are looking to further reshape the nose with revision rhinoplasty. A board certified facial plastic surgeon with rhinoplasty expertise is going to be your best bet to get the desired result.

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