I Had This After Hair Laser Removal? Wil It Fade or Its Going to Leave a Scar? (photo)

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Findings after Laser Hair Removal

Dear Writer, The pictures appear to reveal excess pigmentation developing in the areas of laser hair removal. This may occasionally happen after laser hair removal, particularly in darker skin types with exposure to the sun after laser. In most of the cases the pigmentation will fade completely over months, sometimes a year or longer. Prescription strength bleaching creams may help expedite the fading of these patches. 

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Post laser hair removal

The pictures are a bit unclear and I'm unsure when you had the laser hair removal done. I'm also not sure what type of laser hair removal machine you had used on you... However there can be some flushing and even a bit of light swelling after a laser service. Both of these resolve within a few days. You should use cool water followed by hydrocortisone (available OTC for a few dollars at any pharmacy) on the areas. Additionally, make sure you keep the areas out of the sun and wear sunscreen.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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