Feel Lumps Under Chest 16 Months After Surgery, Is It Permanent? (photo)

I have an gyno surgery before 1 year & 4 month but i did't massage the chest very will and i can feel the blood clouting under the skin it's feel like small soap under the skin . dose this gonna despair or it gonna stay ?? or should I see doctor !!

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Residual breast tissue after Gynecomastia (male breast reduction surgery)

At this point it has been long enough for all swelling and scar tissue to resolve and settle. What you are feeling is probably residual breast tissue that has not been removed. See your surgeon for possible revision surgery.


Best of luck!

Persistant lumps

Any kind of lumps that are still there 6 months after surgery are most likely going to remain. it is probably residual scar tissue. Additional surgery should be able to get it out.

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