How Soon After I Give Birth Can I Get Breast Implants?

Ive read a little about getting a breast lift 6 months after a woman gives birth but, I havent found anything about implants. I will not be breast feeding.

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Breast Augmentation after Pregnancy

I concur with my colleagues here. I generally recommend waiting approximately 3-6 months after you've stopped breast feeding.  You need to give time for your breasts to "settle" after breast feeding.  Likely there will be volume loss and some sagging that can be addressed definitively during your procedure. 

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Wait 3 Months After Nursing

3 months would be a minimum time to wait after pregnancy or after you finish nursing.

If you are still losing weight, you might wait until you are closer to your target weight.

Paul C. Zwiebel, MD
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How Soon After I Give Birth Can I Get Breast Implants?

If you are considering breast enhancement surgery, I would definitely recommend waiting until you are completely finished lactating and have reached a long term stable weight.  However, 3-6 months is usually a good amount of time after breast-feeding to have breast surgery. Additional advice would be to wait on having surgery until you are done having children. Good luck!

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Listen Girl...


All of the answers that you have read here, despite being different are all correct and valid.  IN GENERAL, it is best to wait until you have returned to near your pre baby weight, and 3-6 months after you stop lactating.  If you are not going to breast feed, you will stop lactating sooner.  Suffice it to say no single patient can be generalized.  You might stop lactating and return to your pre pregnancy weight within a few months after pregnancy.  Keep in mind that your breasts will likely change size and may become droopy after pregnancy and after returning to pre baby weight.  So, your needs may change after all of these events are completed.  Good luck!

Kenneth R. Francis, MD, FACS
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Breast augmentation after pregnancy

The key to understanding what is advised here is to allow your breasts to return to their normal or final post-pregnancy state before evaluating their size and shape and the need or desire for augmentation. This may also include letting your body return to its stable post-pregnancy state as well. Generally this takes at least 3 months after the breasts stop lactating (whether breast feeding was done or not) and getting weight back to normal or stable. A breast augmentation, properly done, without a lift or periareolar incision, does not need to do anything to the breast itself and physically a breast augmentation could be done soon after pregnancy, but it doesn't make sense to do a cosmetic procedure for the breast if it has not resolved lactation and is still in the process of settling or changing after pregnancy. 

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Breast surgery after pregnancy

I would ask you first to make sure you are finished with having children. then have you wait a good 3 months after the end of breast feeding if you decide so..and be as close to your pre-pregnancy weight as possible.

Your breasts will undergo "post-partum involution " i.e. shrinking after one pregnancy, so you want to make sure your body has stabilized in order to decide what is best for you re. implants size, type of lift, etc..

Florence Mussat, MD


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After Birth Can Get Breast Implants

I like to wait at least 4 to 6 months for full envolution of the pregnancy breasts. But if breast feeding than 3 months after the stop of the breasting. From MIAMI Dr. Darryl J. Blinski,305 598 0091

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Breast implants after pregnancy

Give it time to adjust to your new life as augmentation is no emergency.  Also, make sure that 6 months have passed to be sure your breasts are totally stable and so is your life before taking on surgery.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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Breast implants usually safe six months after delivery.


You need to be back to baseline weight and your hormone levels need to be back to normal. Also psychologically, you want to feel settled with your baby.

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
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Breast implants after pregnancy

Once you are close to your prepregnancy weight and about 4-6 months after nursing, I would think you'd be ready for any type of breast surgery you need (implants, lift, reduction, etc).

Carmen Kavali, MD
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