How Soon After a Full Tummy Tuck Can I Begin Taking OTC Diet Pills?

I do eat clean and exercise moderately 4-5 times a week before surgery and plan to resume once I am able. The pills are to "jumpstart" the weightloss. Thanks.

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OTC diet pills after a tummy tuck

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 It would be optimal for you to be at your ideal weight prior to your surgery to get the best result. The FDA continues to recall various over the counter diet pills because of health and safety concerns. They have been known to cause liver injuries, high blood pressure and more. They also can have a bad interaction with other medications you may be taking. Some contain blood thinners which you definitely do not want to take 2 weeks before or after surgery as this can cause bleeding problems. Eating well and exercising is the best way to get in shape and maintain your new figure. Good luck!

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