After Full TT with MR I Have Been Sleeping in a Recliner Chair, is That Ok? (photo)

So many women recommended sleeping in a recliner chair on this site so I did. I had severe swelling and bruising all the way down to my feet and was worried about sleeping in bed. Long story short, I slept in recliner chair for 5 weeks with legs/feet elevated and in reclined position which felt nice for my back. Any chance this was not a good idea and would have contributed to my stomach not ending up as flat as I had hoped? Would it have been wiser to be in a flat position sooner? Thank you.

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Sleep positions after tummy tuck

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A reclining chair is perfect. You did nothing wrong.

What I don't understand is why after 5 weeks you are still so bruised.

The stomach fullness I can explain -

  1. You are standing with knees bent and a wide stance, suggesting you are still in pain. 
  2. You are very bruised, swelling won't go down fully until bruising does.
  3. You may have a medical condition, such as anemia or low thyroid slowing recovery.
  4. Please have you doctor check you and check your blood count. Your pain and bruising are unusual so late after surgery. Best wishes!

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