When Can I Resume Exercise After Fat Transfer?

I just had a fat transfer yesterday and like the results. I am a runner, and would like to know when it is safe to begin exercise. What I'm worried about is the fat being reabsorbed instead of attaching- does exercise affect this process? How long does it take the new fat to attach?

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Exercise after fat injections

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Exericise after fat injections might increase the amount of delayed bruising and swelling which might interfere with the ability of the fat cells to live in their new environment. It would be best to avoid exercise immediately after the fat injections, but every physician might have their own protocol as there is not a standard. Check with your doctor.

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Exercise restricitons following fat injections

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You did not specify the area of fat injection. In general I recommend waiting at leasd10 days bu this depends on the amount of fat and the location.

Fat graft

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These are questions that should be asked to your surgeon. Each one of us has his/her own protocol. Follow the instructions of your surgeon

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