After Eye Lid Surgery I Have Small Like Spots in Corner is There Any Cream Ican Buy to Heal It?

 hi i had procedure done 4weeks ago they look like little pus spots in corner of eye an still a bit red the rest is healing fine

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If there is any type of “spots” in the corner of the eyes that are red then it is worthwhile for you to contact your surgeon. This area may represent suture material that has remained in place or a small area of potential infections that is similar to a pimple. In the meantime when something like this occurs you can use an antiibiotic ointment or as well as apply warm compresses.

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Following eyelid surgery, the spots could be Milia (whiteheads) or small Xanthelasma (cholesterol deposits)

Check with your doctor.  There is likely a simple solution to remove these spots regardless of what they are.  If the white spots are in the suture line, they are probably milia.

Mark Taylor, MD
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Milia is very common after eyelid surgery

Your brief description sounds like milia which is very common after blepharoplasty. These small white heads can be "unroofed" in the office and resolve without any intervention. Your plastic surgeon will be able to assess these areas and determine the best course of action.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Stephen Weber, MD, FACS
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