After a Very Expensive Tummy Tuck New Unatural Fat Deposit Came Above Bra and Top of Underarm?

it was lipoed once and came back again even larger so takes larger bra to cover it and all bathing suits i try to stick it down in them and even clothes it stands up above strapless, etc, and i hate it. Is there anyway i can permanently get rid of it, and if so exactly what.Ato after surgery nutritionlist said other women had come with big fat pads on the front sides of their arms above their breasts after tummy tuck.. It was lipoed once and came back.Surgeon didn't take after picures to send.

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Axillary lipo

The issue is whether you have fatty tissue in the axillary or underarm area or a lipoma.  If you had liposuction for a lipoma, which is a fatty tumor, and the entire mass was not formally excised, it will return.  You should see a board certified plastic surgeon for this and possibly have diagnostic testing.  Your post isn't all too clear about the mass and unfortunately you haven't posted photos.  This would be completely unrelated to your tummy tuck.

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Fat Deposit

Without a photo I am having trouble imagining what this looks like, so only the most general advice, which is to see your surgeon for evaluation. On exam the surgeon should be able to tell if this is fat, breast tissue, or something else abnormal, and could then plan treatment. If liposuction has failed. direct excision might be a better option.

All the best.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
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Fat deposits under arms

It sounds like you have either a collection of fat or actual breast tissue in the underarm area.  If liposuction fails, you can have this actually cut out but this will leave a potentially noticeable scar.  I would start by asking your surgeon who did the liposuction if they can help you a second time.

Sacha Obaid, MD
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