After Double Eyelid Suture Removed, Original Crease Disappeared?

I had double eyelid sewing 2 weeks ago though i already had natural double eyelids, to make creases higher. I was unhappy with it so he removed the sutures 1 week ago. But so far, my right crease appears lower than before surgery. He said because my original crease is right on the 'mark' that he indented which is now swelling. Small other creases appear. So now, my right crease appears lower than before surgery. Would my original crease ever reappear or had i messed up my eyelid?

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Complications with suture technique asian eyelid surgery

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more than likely you have some mild temporary scarring and swelling. It is a very good chance that your original crease will return but it could take several weeks to months to reappear as it was before. Be aware, even though the crease likely will return it may never be exactly as it was before. It depends so much on your age and quality of your skin and other anatomical aspects. Give it time in the patient and after 6 to 9 months has passed you can consider a revision if needed. I would recommend incision technique with an experienced Asian eyelid surgeon

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