After Low-dose Accutane for a Few Months, is Otoplasty Safe?

I've been on low dose accutane for several months, ranging from 10-20 mg daily, and have recently cut down to 5mg/day. I'm scheduled for otoplasty tomorrow and the surgeon seemed unconcerned about the accutane. However, after reading a few warnings about potential complications, I wanted to get a second opinion/confirmation to ease my anxiety for the procedure.

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Surgeries while on Accutane

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There are many reports and claims that patients should not seek surgeries while on Accutane. Then, there are conflicting reports that state the medication is out of your system within a day or two. What it comes down to is that people believe that because Accutane thins your skin a bit, your body may not be able to heal as quickly or as well as it should. While I don't necessarily agree with this statement, many hospitals and physicians follow the rule that non-life-threatening surgeries cannot be performed while patients are on courses of Accutane. Your physician needs to determine what he or she is comfortable with.

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