After Three Dental Surgeries and Bruxism, How Can I Fix my Jowels?

I have had a recurring cyst removal above my canine, and a molar cut out on the lower right side of my face, and recently discovered that I have bruxism. There shouldn't be any swelling from the surgery left after 8 months. Could the larger, asymmetric cheek be from masseteric hypertrophy? What should I do? I visited a plastic surgeon but they literally had nothing to say but "The cheek is larger, come back in six months." I hadn't told them about the bruxism I figured that out afterwords.

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The pictures are hard to tell what you are talking about

If your procedures were recent waiting 6 months as the plastic surgeon had suggested is really not that bad of advice. For jowls you can do a face lift, or volumize your face in the right way.

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Bruxism not related to cheeks

Cheek lifts are needed to correct descent of tissue due to ageing. Not usually effective to correct teeth removal asymmetry nand bruxism does not have anything to do with your cheek, except that the muscle may become large due to constant grinding.

Raj S. Ambay, MD
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