After 7 Days, I'm Not Seeing Any Difference in Wrinkles from FX Total Face. Is That Normal?

During the first 2-3 day after, my face only showed mild red. Most peeling was over by day 4. The exception was the area under my nose and on chin -- where the doctor went extra deep to eliminate smoker lines. This area is still pink -- and feels as if it is healing -- the the wrinkles look MUCH worse. Also there are deeper bumps in chin area (feels like deep, big acne coming up ... a bit itchy). Is this normal?

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Total FX gives good results over time

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Hi, I just added a link that might be helpful...

It is very normal for you too look pink the first week or so.  As your pores shrink and as there is more cell turnover, sometimes acne can appear.  The fractionated lasers have the advantage of less downtime, but it does take awhile to see your results.  Also, the skin improvements will continue to evolve over months.  At your post-procedures appointment, your doctor will be able to point out the changes and continue to check for any other possible issues that may require an antibiotic and/or antiviral medication.  Collagen growth and cell turnover to reveal fresh, young skin take longer to see, and correction of hyperpigmentation should be apparent sooner.  Good luck!

Be patient with fractionated procedures

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Even with a modest or conservative treatment with 5 days of downtime, you will notice results.  The results of fractionated treatment does depend on the laser settings, number of passes and overall how aggressive the treatment way, but you should expect improvement in skin tones, texture and notice overall tightening just 1 week after all of the swelling goes away. Hang in there!

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