After Completing the Full Treatment with Invisilign How Long Do You Need to Use Retainers?

My daughter began Invisilign July 2009, (13)top (29)bottom.She finished her top set(13)but had go back to (11)as it was not seating properly.After(13)a retainer was made to wear at night.After a week she tried (13)again and noticed tooth movement.Her dentist suggested wearing (13) instead of the retainer.This was in March.She has only recently started wearing it night only and is waiting for the dentist to check for further movement.When will the teeth set without fear of movement?

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Approx. 8-10 hours daily.

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Orthodontic tooth movement can never be considered 100% stable. Like the rest of the human body that experiences changes starting at birth, the teeth are no different. They will move if not retained. The teeth that are typically prone to the most noticeable movement over time are the bottom front teeth. After orthodontic tooth movement where the teeth are actively being moved, retention should begin immediately. I recommend indefinite use of retainers to be worn every night while sleeping (approximately 8-10 hours daily).

New York Orthodontist

Fear of tooth movement in the future

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Short answer: never. teeth will never be set enough that they have no risk of movement.

Long answer: Everyone's bone density is different. Moving a tooth through bone from one place to another requires bone to be broken down and the gap, where the tooth used to sit, to be filled in. This takes time.

Your best insurance is to make sure that your daughter is strictly following the doctors instructions. Be strict. This is truly your best way to protecting you investment and insuring she never has to go through treatment again. She should be able to enjoy her smile for a lifetime.

There are no short cuts.

Jacqueline Demko, DDS, MSD
Chesterfield Orthodontist

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