How Soon After a Capsulotomy Can a New Capsular Contracture Form?

I had a right breast capsulotomy four days ago. I had my implants just over a year ago. While I am not yet allowed to massage, I have noticed a "lump" at the top of this same breast that I think feels like another fold of the implant. I do not notice any darkening of the skin indicating a hematoma. He has started me on Singulair, and in two weeks, Vitamin E. Am I freaking out too soon? Is it possible it is displacement due to swelling or could it actually be a new cc??

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Capsule formation

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While capsules can form fairly quickly, it may just be that you are feeling tissue dissected during surgery. You should review this with your surgeon.

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Capsule recurrence after capsulotomy

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Capsulotomy, or cutting and releasing the capsule has a success rate of perhaps 50%, and is why many prefer to move the implant to a 'new' pocket. If you still feel a fold in the implant the cause may be an incomplete release of the old capsule, or a fixed fold worked into the exisiting implant if it was not replaced. Capsules are reactive and can begin to reform right away. There is unfortunately no proven effect from singulair (off label) or vitamin E so it is very doubtful that they will save the day.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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