After Breast Reduction They Are So Heavy and Nipples Are Dry?

had a breast reduction 3 weeks ago, when the covering came off about a week after that my breast are so heavy and feels like each weight 45 lbs sitting on top of my chest. Also my nipples has dry spots, the left is badder than the right. I not able to see the doctor often and she made me an appt for 6 weeks. I thought I had communicated and even show her pictures of breast reductions I'd spotted online that I like; and wanted similar. Also I'm shay of 60 yrs old please help, I have Amerigroup Ins

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Breasts are Temporarily Heavy Early On following Reduction

At three weeks following a Breast Reduction it is normal for your breasts to feel heavy as they are still have a lot of temporary swelling called edema. Also, the skin becomes dry as the edema resolves so lubrication with skin lubricants are helpful. It is important to have regular visits with your surgeon at the times he/she feels are important.

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