After having a breast reduction, my breast seem wide and flat shape is that normal?

I'm 5ft 4in 125lbs. My chest wall above my breast and around measures 79cm (31.10in), around the fullest part of my breast with a thin bra on measures 84cm (33.7in), and around my inframammary fold under my breast I measure 74cm (29.13in). My right breast width diameter is 21.59cm (8.5in) and my left breast width diameter is 20.32cm (8in) after my breast reduction. My breast project about 4cm or 1.5inches outward off the chest wall. Are my breast too wide or too flat? Can you fix wide breast?

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Breast reduction results depend on what you started with

Are you able to post pictures of your breasts before the surgery?
A breast reduction reduces the volume of a large breast, repositions the nipple, and can also help reshape a large breast. Sometimes, depending on how it was done, the result is a smaller perkier breast, sometimes it can seem 'flat'

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Breast reduction

It is difficult to comment without seeing pre-op photos as well, and examining you in person to properly evaluate you.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Breast reduction

Clearly pre op photos would help to judge the change in shape. Patients who had large breasts may have a period of time where they need to adjust to their new shape. It would be expected that the new breast might appear wider and flatter to you

Frederic H. Corbin, MD
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After having a breast reduction, my breast seem wide and flat shape is that normal? Asked by HappliyMarried33 in US

You failed to post a before photo so very hard to respond. What appears is an acceptable breast reduction result.

Darryl J. Blinski, MD
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