After a Breast Reduction Can The 2nd Surgery Be Done Thru the Areola to Reduce 1st Scar?

Can the original breast reduction procedure scar be reduced by taking the excess skin that has been gained again be done on a second surgery thru the areola??

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Doing a second surgery through an old periarolar scar

Your question is somewhat ambiguous. If you are seeking a second breast reduction just using the scar from around the areola from the previous reduction, this will generally not work. However, if your question is regarding reducing a wide scar from the areola using an incision encompassing this part, then yes would be your answer.

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Breast Reduction Scar Revision and Further Reduction?

Thank you for the question.  I think you're asking if further reduction of the breasts  can be accomplished through the incision around the areola?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to answer your question without pictures or direct examination. However, in general, it is not possible to significantly reduce the breasts size further (after the 1st breast reduction procedure) through an incision around the areola only. Further reduction would require reopening more of the incision lines.

If your goal is to reduce the breasts further, it will be very important that your surgeon be aware of the exact procedure that was initially performed. This awareness is critical in avoidance of serious complications related to blood flow and tissue survival.

I hope I have understood your question correctly.

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