How Soon Can You Tell After a Breast Augmentation if Your Breast is Encapsulating?

I had a breast augmentation on Feb. 27th 2012. My right breast had pus coming from the stiches on one corner and I visited my ps as soon a I noticed. He told me it was just a skin irritation. Gave me antibiotics and told me to keep the area covered with gauze and change it twice a day. At the same time that was happening I have been feeling my right breast get tighter and now my right breast is riding higher than my left. I am afraid that I am going to have capsular contracture on that side.

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Capsular contracture

There is no specific time related to developing a capsular contracture, however it usually doesn't happen immediately and you should give it 3-4 months for the implants to settle in general.

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Capsular contracture after breast augmentation surgery

There is no specific time for the development of capsular contracture it may occur as early as days after surgery to years after surgery. There is no good way to know for sure if and when it may occur. To decide if you do have a capsule developing a physical exam by your surgeon would be the right way to diagnos and treat it if present.


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Capsular Contracture

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Your plastic surgeon is in the best position to help you with this.  This is a clinical diagnosis based on examination.  Allow your surgeon to help you - you will be much better off than getting online advice.

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