How Soon After Breast Augmentation Must I Wait to Get Pregnant and Will Pregnancy Ruin Their Shape?

I am forced to have replacement implants in the next couple of months. I was due to try for another baby in the next year and was worried pregnancy would ruin their shape as following the last pregnancy my implants appeared to deflate and my breasts now have a droop. As the implants would be new would they be more likely to hold? And how long after augmentation to you recommend waiting until becoming pregnant? Thanks

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Breast augmentation revision and pregnancy

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My absolute best advice would be to go through your preganacy-and breastfeeding should you choose-and only then revise your breast augmentation. You may need a mastopexy and/or a change of implant size. I would not spend the money and go through a second surgery now when it may mean a third surgery all too soon after.

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How Soon Aftr Breast Aug Must I Wait to Get Pregnant & Will This Ruin The Shape?Answr:

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What concerns me is where you said "following the last pregnancy my implants appeared to deflate and my breasts now have a droop". That would indicate to me that what happened before will most likely happen again, even with new implants because I don't really know what "appeared" to have deflated means. So I agree that the best thing would be to wait until after your next pregnancy and while you can get pregnant almost anytime after your surgery, it is probably best to wait a few months.

John J. Corey, MD
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Pregnancy and breast augmentation

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There is no way to know in advance how a breast augmentation will be affected by a pregnancy but there is a good possibility that if you had a problem following the first pregnancy the same may be expected following the next pregnancy.  The best advice would be to have your children first then surgically correct your breasts.  In this way you could be expected to get the best long term result.  A consultation discussing these issues would be in order.  

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Pregnancy and breast augmentation

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If you are planning to have another baby soon, why not wait to have the surgery until after you complete child bearing?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Childbearing post breast augmentation

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It is unclear why you are forced to have your implants replaced. I would recommend you wait until you are through with child bearing, especially if you are planning to have another baby soon. Sometimes breasts barely change after pregnancy and sometimes they develop excess skin and sagging.

Donna Rich, MD
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Pregnancy shoud wait three months after breast implants

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The idea is to clear your system of the drugs after any surgical procedure, and have a normal cylcle or two before you plan on becoming pregnant. This would include stopping any aspirin containing medications, avoiding alcohol, and a vitamin might be a good idea as well. Pregnancy can be a shape changing experience, though it is not necessarily so, and the new implants are likely to behave as the last.

Best of luck,

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Pregnancy and Breast Augmentation

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First, you don't mention why you are getting the implants changed. I doubt there is any medical emergency since you say you are doing it "sometime in the next two months." Secondly, you never know what will happen to the breasts after a pregnancy unless you have already had one. But since you have had a pregnancy and know what happened in your case, I would bet the same thing will happen next time. As to when to get pregnant after the surgery, anytime after the first few weeks should be no problem. So if you don't mind the same thing happening, it would be OK to get on with your family plans. Otherwise I would suggest you go ahead with the pregnancy first, then redo the breasts.

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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Implant Exchange and Pregnancy

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I agree with my colleagues below.  There isn't a "set" time in which to wait on getting pregnant.  As mentioned below, implants don't change but breast tissue can with pregnancy.  Clearly, there is no way to know beforehand how your breasts will change with pregnancy.  I've seen patients look every bit as wonderful as they did prior to pregnancy and I've seen patients who had quite a bit of excess skin/sag post pregnancy.

Forced to have breast revision?

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I am not sure under what circumstances you would be forced to undergo a revision other than a deflation.  Your new implants will hold up totally during pregnancy just as they did before.  It was your tissue and will be our tissue that changes, deflates and may sag from pregnancy.  This may need more revision and lifting later.

Breast Augmentation and Pregnancy Concerns?

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Thank you for the question.

There is no mandatory or even suggested time to wait  to become pregnant after breast implant surgery.  It is unfortunate that you are “forced” to have breast  revisionary surgery  now;  it would be in your best interests to wait to have the surgery (if possible) after you  have completed pregnancies. This is especially true given that you are planning a pregnancy the near future ( based on your question).

Some common changes seen with the breasts  after pregnancy include " involutional  hypoplasia" (breasts  become smaller)  and/or breast ptosis (" drooping"). The changes the breasts experience may be related to genetic factors, skin elasticity changes, hormonal effects, and/or weight gain/loss around the time of pregnancy.

In your question you also describe a “droop";  this may also have to be addressed at some point ( possibly with breast lifting surgery).

You will be able to obtain much more precise advice after direct examination by well experienced plastic surgeons.

Best wishes.

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