How Soon After BBL & Liposuction Can I Drive and How Long Should I Plan for Recovery?

Im having lipo to flanks, inner thighs & stomach w/fat transfer to buttocks. Generally, how soon after can I drive myself a few miles for post op appt & then home (2-3 hrs)? I'll plan to set my car up with a boppy. Is 5-6 days in a hotel fine for recovery? I plan to hire a caregiver for the first night. For a generally active/healthy young woman, would I be ok to shower/cook/dress/care for myself after the 1st night? Wondering if I need a caregiver longer but would prefer to be alone. Thank you!

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Internet advice is great for some things, but others.... Talk With Your Surgeon>>>>

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My answer to questions like these is always "Ask YOUR Surgeon!" You are paying them! They should be telling you all of these things!  Don't take advice from others as to what is best for you.
Really.  I hate it when my patients do that.  I have a routine that works beautifully for my patients.  Often when I suspect that there is a problem, I find out it is because my patient is doing something that a friend told them to do, or that they read on the internet or just that they are doing too much too soon. 
Those things may have worked okay for the surgery that was performed by their friends surgeon, but it doesn't mean it'll work for the way I do surgery.   If you want the results that your surgeon hopefully showed you in long term before and after photos, then do what they suggest.  Follow their recommendations to the "T".  Don't cut corners and don't do things just because you heard about it on the internet. 

As far as your questions, I would not recommend any of those things during the first few weeks.  But that is just for my patients.  If your surgeon gets GREAT results and he says it is ok, then maybe it is okay for the way he/she does the surgery.  Talk to your surgeon.  You are paying them a lot of money to get a great result.  They should tell you what THEY recommend. 
Good luck! 
Dr M

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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