After a BBL and Liposuction of Stomach, Flanks/back, Can You Use a Full Body Ice Pack for Swelling?

After a BBL and liposuction of the stomach, flanks and back, I would like to know if a large body ice/cold pack can be used over the compression garment following surgery to help with swelling. If so, where on my body exactly should it be used.

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Ice Packs For Swelling

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Full body ice packs after body contouring surgery is not only impractical but potentially harmful.  The skin after body contouring surgery is usually numb and does not have the protective sensation to prevent injury.  Prolonged exposure to an ice pack on numb skin can cause frost bite and skin death.  Postop swelling can be managed safely with a compression garment. I would recommend discussing this matter further with your surgeon.


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Thank you for your question, with every surgery, ice only helps for a couple of hours, in the Brazilian Butt Lift case, I would rather advise on taking arnica Montana, or arnica pills. They will help with the swelling and its a natural component that does not need any prescription and isn't harmful for the body or your results.

Full Body Ice Packs after BBL???

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I do not recommend "Full Body Ice Packs" for anyone.  Small ice packs for localized areas are sometimes of benefit.  Never for your buttocks though

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