After Asian Eyelid Surgery Will my Left Eye's New Crease Fold Better Due to Hollow? (photo)

Before surgery my left eye had a bit more of a hollow then my right. As a result, my crease looks different after surgery. I'm worried about the way the crease is folding in my left eye, it appears as if it's not creasing like it should. I understand over time the creases drop lower than initially, will this not happen to my left eye due to the hollow, and result in scarring?

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In my experience, as the swelling resolves, the crease goes to a lower position. I recommend to my patients to relax the forehead (or place your palm over the eyebrow and look upward to help the crease become more established.

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Your eyes are still swollen. Your left upper lid may settle down and get better, but this depends on the reason the lid is being pulled up. If this is a result of the swelling flipping it up, it will get better. If its a result of malpositioning of the muscle or sutures that migrated, it may not. I looks like your still recovering from surgery. I would recommend discussing this issue with your surgeon. He will be the most familiar with your condition, likely causes, and potential solutions.


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Your concerns are appropriate.

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You are of course very early from surgery.  The two creases are high and this appears to be consistent with swelling on the right side.  As the swelling resolves, the fold will look less high.  The left upper eyelid is more complex.  The lowest crease on this side does not look well formed. Above this you are hollow.  Over time, will the left upper eyelid crease deepen and the fold soften?  Possibly.  However, it would be more comforting if the crease and fold were better defined and they are not.  You will have a much better idea of what is going on in 6 weeks.

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