After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery Suture Technique, Can I Have Epicanthoplasty or Revision for the Second Time? (photo)

I had suture technique more than 5 years ago, the result is ok. My eyes look naturally double lid. However, the inner corners kind of bother me. They look tired if I didn't wide open my eyes on purpose. Can I have epicanthoplasty or revision for the Second Time?

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Epicanthoplasty after double eyelid surgery

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Yes this is possible. You do have a prominant epicantahl fold. The surgery requires very small incission around the inner corner of the eyes to gently pull the skin away from the corner. This does result in a visible scar and that needs to be discussed in detail with your surgeon. Weigh the pros and cons

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The answer is certainly this is possible.

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Just recognize that the epicanthal surgery could be brilliant or it could leave you with visible scars.  For this reason, there are some risks associated with epicathal surgery.

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