Eyelid Weakness After Asian Double Eyelid Surgery

After asian DE surgery, right eyelid feels weak to open? Do i have slight ptosis in my right eye? i feel a hard lump under the skin in the inner corner, possibly scar tissue (will it go away and what do i need to do)? also my right eye feels sleepy/tired. does this mean the muscle could have been damaged from the surgery? the surgeon said it feels tired because it means that eye has weak muscles? will it improve and can i fix it surgically? i'm 1 month post op. the eyelid droopiness is making me feel tired.

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Wait and see....

Dear Dumpling,

You are only 1 month out from the surgery so I would wait for at least 3 months before considering any reoperation if the eyelid position does not improve.  It does sound like you have eyelid ptosis but it is hard to tell without photographs.  This will likely improve on its own to the preoperative position.  

Occasionally, the levator muscle is disinserted during surgery and if this is not corrected at the time of the procedure, the eyelid level can droop postoperatively (eyelid ptosis).  Since you just had surgery, the likelihood of an underlying condition such as myesthenia gravis is less likely.  I would have your surgeon evaluate your preoperative and postoperative eyelid height (MRD1), levator excursion (ability to lift the eyelid) and measure the eyelid crease.  If there is ptosis, then a corrective procedure can be contemplated at 3 months out.  The choice to approach this internally or externally is surgeon dependent.  

Best of luck to you. 

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This eyelid weakness after Asian Double Eyelid Surgery is a very common occurance and will get better

This eyelid weakness after Asian Double Eyelid Surgery is a very common occurance and will get better or at least should get better. Your doctor would know best what was the status during your procedure. This weakness is due to the fact that your eye muscle that opens up your eye is the same muscle that you use to create the eyelid crease.  So you need sutures that are attached to this muscle.  These sutures can place the muscle under tension and make them temporarily weak. This is really common. 

The other scenario is less than desirable and can occur if there is any damage to the muscle that opens up your eye.  If this is the case you could need a more formal repair to repair that muscle.  This would require a more complicated surgery.  This is much less likely.  The other situation is when the levator or eye muscle that opens up the eye is placed under too much tension when creating the eyelid crease.  This can occur when the crease is set too high on the levator. 

You can go on my blog to read about more of this and this is found on my website.  When this is the case it will take longer for the muscle to recover.  Sometimes it won't recover and the levator needs to be released from the fixation and refixed. This situation is more rare fortunately. The hard lump will get better with time. Sometimes steroid injections can help this get resolved more quickly. Your physician can determine this as well.

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Asian eye

Asian eye surgery van be complex surgery. You have a lot of legitimate questions that can not be answered without examination and knowing what was done .

See your plastic surgeon  all these questions, he / She   will be able to answer all your questions if not seek another opinion

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