After Alar Base Reduction my Nostrils Are Still Uneven

Before my surgery, my right nostrils was wider than the left one. I decided to have the procedure done in order to even my nostrils. I discussed the approaches for my condition with my Dr and he chose a Sill Excision. Would be great to get some opinions on my case, because I have a feeling I will need a second surgery to fix this issue. Btw, It's been 24 hours since I had my surgery. I am taking in consideration the fact my nostrils are swollen.

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Assessing nostril asymmetry at 24 hours after surgery is too early

Being only 24 hours after your rhinoplasty, it is way too early to make an assessment of the outcome. You may need to wait 6 - 12 months to have a more conclusive idea regarding the nostril size.

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Nasal sill excision

It is way to early to make any predicions about outcome at 24 hrs post op. It looks to me as if you have some columellar assymetry as well, and it is hard to make any pronouncements without seeing good preop pictures. But rest assured that things will change as the healing process continues. I also tell my patients with assymetry that you cannot expect absolute symmetry if there is unevenness preoperatively. But at this point, time is your friend. Good Luck

Johan E. Brahme, MD
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