After 30% TCA Peel, I Am Notcing Broken Capillaries. What Shoud I Do?

I performed a 30% TCA peel on a couple of acne scars. I was concerned that the skin was getting darker, but it seems that the skin was only getting darker because it was drying up and getting ready to peel. However, today I noticed under the peeling skin, I am forming broken capillaries. What should I do?

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Wait until you heal to decide

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You may just be going through a recovery phase post-peel right now depending on how long ago your peel was.  I would wait until you are completely healed until you consider treatment of the residual redness.  If you still have residual redness or some form of scarring 6 weeks post peel, consider a pulsed dye laser (like the Candela V-beam) or Fraxel if it's more like scar tissue that remains.  Make sure you are avoiding sun, wearing sunscreen, not manipulating the skin, and keeping an emollient like vaseline or aquaphor on the healing area. 

This looks like excoriations

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It is most important to avoid picking at the skin, especially after a chemical peel. Keeping any crusts moist prevent complications as well. I am not a fan of glycolic acid for active acne, as any area of inadequate neutralization can result in lots of crusting. I far prefer salicylic acid, especially the Teraplex peel. If the telagiectasia does not resolve in 3-4 weeks, look into IPL, Varilite or Pulsed Dye Laser.

Mary P. Lupo, MD
New Orleans Dermatologist
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