Why After 2nd Ulthera Treatment the Results Are Worse?

I did Ulthera treatment6 month ago but got just little improvement in my lower face. I wonder if with 2nd treatment could be better? But I read here experiences that with 2nd treatment is getting even worse! Why? Should I choose some other treatment?

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2nd Ultherapy treatment is recommended after 6 months in some patients

A second Ultherapy procedure is likely to improve and lessen skin laxity, not make it worse. There is no reason how this could happen. I believe you are misnterpreting what the physicians are writing regarding Ultherapy on this forum. 

Read the Ultherapy ebook on the link below. 

Repeated Ulthera treatments can improve the outcome

I'm not sure I understand how an Ulthera can make one worse.  There may be some patients whose skin does not repsond to Ultherapy and they don't get a lift that is desired, but when collagen is produced and the connective tissue tightens, it is not conceivable that one could get a worse result. This should be studied further.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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