My 18 Year Old Chin Implant Has Recently Felt Harder and Less Pliable, Could This Be Infected?

It feels tight, & the skin over it feels hard & less flexible. I have to apply mousturizer afew times a day to keep it feeling comfortable, although the tight feeling has come & gone in the last 3 months. For a year now I have had foliculitis in my beard with staph infection, which im treating with clindomycin tabs & Rifampicin. My dermo doesnt think the implant could have got infected from this. However, until recently I had been using abrasive lotions - Benozl Peroxide + AHA. Any ideas please?

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Why do chin implants harden?

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whenever we put implants in, your body creates scar tissue around the implant, and this is perfectly normal. The scar tissue is called a capsule. Scar tissur forms around any implant - it could be a breast implant, a pin or plate for a broken bone, a new hip joint, a new eye lens for a cataract or, as in your case, a chin implant. This scar tissue around the implant is normal, but what isn't normal is when that scar tissue gets thicker and thicker and this can happen gradually over a period of several years. Eventually, if the scar tissue is thick enough, it will start to harden around the implant that's put in. When this happens, we sometimes recommend removing the implant, removing the scar tissue and replacing the implant with a fresh new one. 

It's hard to say if this is what's happening in you, but it would fit in with your story. Treatment is not necessary or required, but can be performed to try and help.

Glasgow Plastic Surgeon

Delayed hardening and stiffness of chin after prior implant

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It is unusual for the implant to change this far out from your surgery. The skin changes from your folliculitis can certainly affect the area, though. It would be unusual for a folliculitis to affect the implant since it is much more deeply situated. You could consider having the chin checked out by a plastic surgeon in the area who performs chin implats to be sure that the implant is okay.

Thomas A. Lamperti, MD
Seattle Facial Plastic Surgeon
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