After 1 Month Post Op Upper and Lower Bleph the Eye Bags Under my Right Eye Are Back??

Its been almost 5 weeks post op and just noticing that the eyebags under my right eye are back. I thought bleph surgery was permanent removal of this problem. what is going on with my right eye? It was smooth during the initial healing period and now the bags are back.

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Video on eye bag treatment: Your situation could be retained fat, muscle, skin or cheek bags

Your situation could be retained fat, muscle, skin or cheek bags. Sometimes, residual swelling could be scar formation. The best way to determine what it is will be for someone to see your actual current situation in person. You may need to have more fat removed or other procedure to improve the situation. Or it could be a relative hollowing below the eye that could really be filled in with fat and / or fillers.

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Fat bags do not return 1 month after upper eyelid surgery

 IMHO, the only possible solution to what you're describing is there are residual fat pockets that were not completely removed during your Blepharoplasty.  the most commonly missed fat pockets are the upper medial (by the nose) and the  lower lateral pocket (by the ears) of the upper and lower eyelids respectively.  Initial swelling merely masked the final result and once resolved, the residual fat pockets were observed. 

 These residual fat pockets can be removed throuh a revision Transconjunctival Lower Blepharoplasty if lower lids are involved or through small isolated incisions in the upper eyelid creases, if the upper eyelids are the issue.

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Eye bags return


It is possible that you are having a delayed swelling (inflammatory) reaction wit some lower lid prominence.  It is also possible that what you are seeing is not bags of fat - but rather skin, muscle or "cheek" bags.  A photo may be helpful and a discussion with your surgeon to better identify the problem.  I hope this helps 


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It is important to have this conversation before surgery.

There are different types of lower eyelid bags.  Some are easier to manage surgically than others.  Unless you had a very explicit conversation with your surgeon before surgery about what to expect, the two of you may have had very different expectations regarding the goal of surgery.  This is a common cause of disappointment.  You are still quite early from surgery, so the eyelid will continue to heal and change.  It is definitely worth bringing your concerns to the attention of your surgeon and see how open they are to discussing the matter.

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