Where Can I Find More Info on African American Rhinoplasty?

I have the classic west African nose (wide and flat). I am interested in reducing the width of my nose. It currently dominates my other features. It has been very difficult finding a surgeon in the Chicago area that specializes in African American rhinoplasty. Where can I find more info?

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Look for a surgeon with many years of experience

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It is important to find a surgeon who has done thousands of rhinoplasties and has many years of experience performing rhinoplasty procedures on African-Americans, Asian Americans, and Caucasians. Look for a surgeon with many years of experience and a very large rhinoplasty practice whose original background is otolaryngology and is board-certified in facial plastic surgery as well.

African American Rhinoplasty

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Surgeons who work on African American nose should meet the following criteria:

  • Experience in working with African American noses
  • Strong background in rhinoplasty
  • Able to show relevant before and afters 
  • Knowledge of various techniques in alar base reduction
  • Knowledge in grafting in rhinoplasty
  • Computer imaging to help see if same page on aesthetic

Anil R. Shah, MD
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon
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African American Rhinoplasty: Reducing a Wide Nose

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African American Rhinoplasty typically involves narrowing a wide nose. The nose can be wide across the tip, across, the bridge, and wide from nostril to nostril. For the nose to appear natural, usually the nose must be reduced proportionally.

Nostril reduction surgery (called Alarplasty / Alar Base Reduction) is a procedure that can narrow the width of the nostril base, decrease the amount of nostril flaring, or decrease the size of the nostrils. The incisions are placed in the crease where the nostril wall meets the cheek. When performed correctly, the scar is hidden in the "new" crease where the nostril meets the cheek. The incisions can remain red for several weeks, but generally heal very well and are not noticable after that time.

It is possible to perform this procedure alone or as part of a rhinoplasty. It can be performed alone, but keep in mind that in order for the nose to appear natural, it must adhere to certain proportions and also be in balance with the other facial features.

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African American Rhinoplasty

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Your concerns are very common. Narrowing the nose can be achieved. If your dorsum is flat that can be raised and give the illusion of a narrower nose. The lower third can be narrowed for flare of the nostrils or for width. You can also have the tip projection improved with a columella strut and tip graft.

African American Rhinoplasty in Chicago

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Hi Rusty,

In the Chicago area you should consult with Dean Toriumi, MD.  Julius Few, MD is another good choice.  It is always a good idea to get a few opinions prior to rhinoplasty.  Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

Michael A. Persky, MD
Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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