Afraid Venus Freeze for Jowels Might Make Face More Gaunt?

I found an intro offer for venus freeze in my city for 99 and they said that one area can be treated. I am looking to have my jowel and cheek area tightened but am afraid that since its also used for cellulite reduction, etc that it might make my face more gaunt is this true or will it simply tighten my skin there? I am 30 and it isn't really bad or anything, but I notice since I lost weight my skin is a little more lax along my jaw line and I don't like where its going! Lol

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Venus freeze for face

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There are two distinct handpieces on the Venus Freeze; one for the face and neck (which is small) and the other for the body (which is significantly larger). The settings can be adjusted so that in the face, only skin tightening occurs without any fat reduction. Whilst some fat reduction is sometimes useful in the neck area and the machine can be adjusted to do this, this would not be desirable in the cheeks or upper face. There are specific settings for each body area which can also be adjusted during treatment if there is discomfort (ie handpiece feeling too hot).

Venus Freeze for skin tightening

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Venus Freeze is just another RF treatment mixed in with Magnetic Resonance. All skin tightening technologies are putting on the hard sell in the cosmetic procdure market. I can assure you that once a practice purchases a certain technology they are quick to advertise that that particular technology is the best.  Whether it is radiofrequency or infrared technology, they all are causing contraction of collagen with subsequent repair over time.  Good results are cummulative over time and temporary at best.  For those who are not ready for a surgical approach and aware most results are reproducible but subtle, these noninvasive technologies will play a role.

Steven Swengel, MD
Los Gatos Dermatologic Surgeon
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