Afraid of Surgery. What Can I Do to Get Rid of my Belly?

hi I am 37, have two kids, 5-4 and weigh 125 pounds. I am afraid of surgery complications and anesthesia. I have hear people developing seizure disorder after surgery. I can't get rid of the little belly. I need advice please

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(Unreasonable) FEAR of Surgery

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Surgery is not without risks. But, just like commercial flights, the major scariest complications of surgery are very rare. I have performed hundreds of Tummy Tucks and have never encountered a seizure disorder after surgery.

Being a thin woman which was stretched out with two pregnancies you should get a VERY nice result with a Tummy Tuck, something which is NOT achievable with any other surgical or non-surgical means.

Good Luck from Memphis,

Peter A Aldea, MD

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Non-surgical improvement of tummy

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Hard to tell without seeing photos. if you don't have much loose skin you should look into Coolsculpting. It really works well. Delivers modest improvement without any real down time. Most patients have very little pain after.

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