Afraid of Being to Small After Lumpetomy with Just a Lift I'm a Ddd?

I had 5 days of radiation with a mamosite implanted. I've always been a ddd cup, My surgeon doesn't want to do a implant just a lift, but can't tell me if i will be a c or d....this would be traumatic for me as I've always been dd or ddd since I was 14. I have no idea what to do, can you please help....Thanks

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You should not be to samll after a lumpectomy!

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Typically a lumpectomy can be performed on a larger breast without noticable differences.  If the breast surgeon feels like there is going to be a deformity then you should be reffered to a Plastic surgeon for review of all options regrading partial breast reconstruction including a reduction and or lift versus other forms of partial breast reconstruction.

Post lumpectomy size

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I think you have to sit down and talk to your usrgoen about your concerns. But more details of your history is key before suggesting your options.

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