What is the Most Affordable Product to Fill Cheeks Out?

I am very thin any would like to have some fullness in my face.

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Affordable midface fillers include Sculptra and Radiesse

Fillers come in many forms, and depending on how many syringes are needed for full correction, the price can vary. If you are looking to replace volume loss, Sculptra, although usually more of an investment initially, can over the long term be more economical.  Sculptra gradually adds volume for those who want a gradual change and the results can last several years.   Radiesse will give immediate results and can be focussed to a specific cheek area but can end up costing more to treat larger areas.  

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Midface volumizing with Radiesse

Radiesse has been most effective in volumizing the midface.   Two to three 1.5 cc syringes will usually suffice for most middle aged patients.  It lasts up to year.  The distribution can be customized to the individual patients concerns unlike a permanent implant. Prices vary so look for specials and facial plastic surgeons that steeply discount  multiple syringes.

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Fat injections may be the most affordable if you need a lot of volume in the face but don't expect it to last that long.

Fat injections to the face to give volume are usually done a few times at a few months apart and last anywhere from 6 months to a yr or 2 at a cost of roughly $2500 per session.  It is not usually permanent and we are several yrs away from being able to do anything reliable with stem cells. Radiesse and Sculptra are good alternatives but can be more expensive when you need a large volume.

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Radiesse or Sculptra are both great choices


For years we have used Radiesse to replace volume loss in the cheeks. It is also used to fill in lines or creases in the nasolabial fold area as well as marionette lines. Radiesse is a wonderful product that creates beautiful and natural results that can last up tp a year and a half. However...if your concern is fullness, Sculptra may be a great option for you. Sculptra is great for those patients that may have lost a lot of weight in a short period of time or for those who have noticed that their face does not quite have the volume it once had. Sculptra is a gradual process that takes around 3 sessions spaced about 6 weeks apart. It differs from the other products in that it is a collagen stimulator rather than a dermal filler. The process is gradual and takes a period of a few months before you will see a full correction. One of the advantages of using Sculptra is that the studies have shown it to last for up to 3 years.Sculptra has received a bad rap for years because unfortunately there were untrained practitioners using the product and the results for some were less than desireable. The company has made it a priority to only allow very experienced practioners who have been trained correctly to purchase Sculptra...this makes this product much safer than it has been in the past. There are so many options and it will really depend on how much money you want to spend, what area(s) need to be corrected  and how long you would like the product to last. These are all factors to take into consideration when I am advising patients on which product to use. Juvederm Ulta Plus and Perlane are also great options, but do not last quite as long as the above mentioned. However, if you have never had any kind of injections these hyalluronic acid fillers might be a great option. There is an andetote (hyaluroidase) if, for whatever reason, you don't like your results...I have been fortunate in that I have never had to use the antedote on any of my patients, but it does give peace of mind to know you can get rid of it if you don't like it...something to consider if you are new to facial injection treatments.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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Cheek fillers

What is most cost effective really depends upon what you need done.  There are several fillers that resorb over about a years period, and things like fat may be more permanent but may require several treatments.  A facelift may give you what you want and may not be repeated for many years if at all.

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