Affordable Doctors in the US? Saline Breast Augmentation.

Hello! I am 110lbs and 5"2, currently a 32B looking to get 525cc silicone breast implants. I would love to find an affordable surgeon in the US (between 3500-5000). Please don't respond with "you get what you pay for" because i know there are good certified surgeons in the US with affordable rates, just have to find them! I am located in Scottsdale, Az but willing to travel anywhere in the united states. I would like to have my surgery performed in September or early Oct. Also, i will be paying in cash.

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Here is a link to the average cost of Breast Implants reported by our community, as well as a link to the board certified doctors in your area qualified to perform this procedure.

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In our practice we have a few deals going on right now. You can get up 20 % off if you pay cash in this month for Breast Augmentation(saline). Visit out site.

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